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This Gallery contains Fine Art, Modern Art, Decorative Art, and other specialty collecting areas such as Asian Art, Sterling Silver & Jewelry, and Rare Books. The items represented here are just a small selection of those we have appraised or marketed. They have been chosen to represent the range of the services we perform, and because they are of general interest. A number of the items pictured, had histories or values of which the owners were unaware prior to our evaluation. As all appraisals are confidential, value are given only for those pieces that have public records. None of the Gallery items are for sale, and the identities of the owners are confidential.

Clicking on a thumbnail image will take you to a page that has a description of the work of art that is pictured, and an article detailing information about the work of art. Important context is given by the accompanying article, which provides a summary of the artistic, historical, and cultural circumstances, the art works were created in or influenced by. This website also has sections detailing appraisal services and marketing services for Fine and Modern Art, and other fine decorative or collectible objects. There are several articles under the Appraisal Tab in the Menu that provide more in‑depth information, that you may find helpful.

Fine Art Gallery

Art Gallery - Lockwood de Forest

Lockwood de Forest

Art Gallery - Granville Redmond

Granville Redmond

Art Gallery - Isaac Israels

Isaac Israels

Art Gallery - Daniel Garber

Daniel Garber

Art Gallery - Corot - Dans le Parc de M. Wallet

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Art Gallery - A.E. Backus

A.E. Backus

Decorative Art Gallery

Art Gallery - Picasso Ceramics

Picasso Vase

Art Gallery - Tiffany Moorish Chandelier

Tiffany  Chandelier

Art Gallery - Queen Anne Dressing Table - 18th century American dressing table

Queen Anne Dressing Table

Art Gallery - Creede Colorado Banknote

Creede Bank Note

Modern Art Gallery


Michael Goldberg

Art Gallery - Margaret Kilgallen

Margaret Kilgallen

Art Gallery - Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein

Art Gallery - Wolf Kahn

Wolf Kahn

Art Gallery - Frank Stella

Frank Stella

Silver & Jewelry Gallery

Art Gallery - Art Nouveau Pendant

Art Nouveau 

Art Gallery - Sterling Wine Coolers

Sterling Wine Coolers

Art Gallery - Etruscan Revival Bracelet - 14k gold bypass bracelet

Etruscan  Bracelet

Art Gallery - art deco gold compact

Art Deco Compact

Art Gallery - Cartier Brooch

Cartier Brooch

Asian Art Gallery

Art Gallery - Chinese Bronze

Kangxi Bronze

Art Gallery - Cloisonne snuff bottle

Cloisonne Snuff Bottles

Art Gallery - Japanese Mask

Japanese Mask 

Art Gallery - Ming Pottery Figures

Ming Figures

Rare Book Gallery

Art Gallery - Wuthering Heights

Bronte First Editions

Art Gallery - Edgar Allan Poe

Poe Tales

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