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Antique Show

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Santa Barbara

Antique Show

July 19-21 2024

Santa Barbara Antique Show – Antiques, Decorative Art & Vintage. After 30 years of managing the CALM Antiques Show with great dedication, April Thede has retired. Have no fear, the new managers are Mike and Gae Ann Mchale and the show has been renamed the Santa Barbara Antique Show. Both the Mchale’s are longtime exhibitors at antique and art shows throughout the country, and both grew up in family antiques businesses. 

The renamed the Santa Barbara Antique Show feature Antiques, Decorative Art, and Vintage. I suspect, from checking out the booths on their website, some fine art will be included.

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The thing that’s so special about antiques is they have a history and always present a secret for the new owner to unravel. Whose hand turned the antique glass door knob, or opened the chest of drawers. What letters were written at this desk, and what story do these silver forks and spoons tell about menus and table talk? 

By definition antiques are 100 years old. Some feel 50 years is the line of demarcation for breakable items, but this not consistent stylistically, and style is a characteristic of time periods. We should definitely consider rarity of breakable items, as rarity is important to collectors.

Vintage is subjective and ever changing, usually applying to items over 40 years old. Vintage has a cool factor, bringing to life items of our and/or our parents childhood. Yes, what’s vintage now, will be antique to future generations.

Greater Santa Barbara has long been a center for Art and Antiques. The fresh start of a show named after our city brings great promise, as does the professionalism and experience of the McHales.

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Santa Barbara Antique Show
Earl Warren Showgrounds, 3400 Calle Real ,Santa Barbara,California-93105
Starting on
November 18, 2022
Ending on
November 20, 2022
Santa Barbara Antique Show - Antiques, Decorative Art & Vintage Sale