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Art Marketing & Sale
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Art marketing & sale services for Fine Art, Modern Art and Decorative Art. We do not buy low and sell high. We never purchase property from the client.

In providing art valuation for marketing, our guiding principle is transparency and ethical practice.

Our fees are always on a commission basis. Details of sale are reported to the client. Payment is typically made directly in the client’s name.

We have specialized knowledge to develop information about your property to reach its potential. Our targeted research capability can be the critical edge in providing buyers the information they need to purchase your property for its highest value.

We deal with private buyers and auctions on a regular basis. We have the knowledge and professional relationships to appropriately place your property.

We network with expert specialists and department heads when we are deciding placement and approach. Many times we are able to obtain discounts on fees due to our repeat business.

All sales agreements are by written contract between the seller (owner) and Alice Karle (agent). The written contract is the sole agreement between the owner and agent. Sales agreements are for the purpose of marketing property only, and represent a separate service from our appraisal practice.

A number of the properties in the gallery section of the website, were sold through our marketing service. In many cases the owners were not aware of the value of these items, prior to art valuation. We are dedicated researchers. In our opinion, research is the key to value. It is important both to the seller and the buyer, to have a full appreciation of the relevant value factors. If you believe that you may have valuable marketable property, please contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to guide you to evaluate a course of action.