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Fine, Modern & Decorative Art
Certified Appraiser

Certified Appraiser for Fine Art. IRS Qualified Appraiser for Trust & Estate, as well as Charitable Donation. Alice is accredited in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), which define the nationally required ethical guidelines for appraiser services.

Virtual Appraisal of Fine Art, Decorative Art, Jewelry, and Personal Property is offered by Alice Karle Appraiser Fine Art. We have always offered this service for long distance clients. As a response to COVID-19 we are expanding virtual services to all clients. Information on Virtual Appraisal is in the Menu under the Appraisal Tab.

We specialize in Fine Art, Modern Art, and Decorative Art. Appraiser Services include: Trust & Estate, Insurance, Charitable Donation, and Wealth & Asset Management for Fine Art.

Fine art and the fine decorative arts are our areas of concentration. The Gallery section of the website, provides an overview of property we have appraised.

Property we appraise ranges from important fine art of the 19th and 20th centuries, fine silver and jewelry, libraries of rare first editions, Chinese and Asian art, to all types of fine decorative art objects.


Consultation is an economical way to decide where to go next if you are uncertain about the value of your property.

Consultation may include a Verbal Evaluation. The appraiser estimates value based on general knowledge without research. A consultation is not an appraisal. The client signs a release, acknowledging the limited scope includes the possibility of error. Written or email documentation is not provided, but the client is encouraged to take notes.

Reasons for counsultation are: for your own general knowledge, distributing property of limited value, evaluating property for sale, or determining if a written Appraisal Report is needed. That being said, many valuable items have been discovered during consultations.

For example, the Creede Banknote selling for $87,000 plus auction premium, was discovered during a consultation.

Creede Banknote Story
Insurance Appraisal

Insurance appraiser services are for coverage against loss or damage. Appraisal values are for replacement purposes and are closest to those in the retail market.

Especially in California, with mass losses from fire, an itemized appraisal can expedite the processing of your claim. Most insurance policies compensate for loss of individual items which must be valued, and not the total amount of coverage on your policy.

Trust & Estate

Trust & Estate appraiser services can be for tax purposes, to distribute property, trust and estate planning, or fine art wealth or asset management.

Fair Market Value is the value used, approximating the value in the most appropriate auction or brokered sale market. Estate Appraisals can establish a baseline at a particular point in time when a change in ownership has occurred or may occur in the future.

Charitable Donation

Charitable Donation appraiser services uses Fair Market Value as defined by the IRS. Charitable Donation is an important part of Financial Planning. We are pleased to consult with you and your financial advisors about your planned charitable donation.

Alice Karle Appraiser, is an IRS Qualified and USPAP Accredited Appraiser for Charitable Donation.

We are experts in Non-Cash Charitable Donation, having performed appraisals in the multiple millions, as well as appraisals for more modest donations. The IRS defines the value thresholds requiring appraisal, size and quality of photos, and other important criteria.

Non-Cash Charitable Donation Appraisals may be subject to IRS committee review. The appraiser must meet all requirements of the IRS and USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice).