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Virtual Appraisal

Fine, Modern & Decorative Art

Virtual Appraisal of Fine Art, Decorative Art, Jewelry, and Personal Property is offered by Alice Karle Appraiser Fine Art. We have always offered this service for long distance clients. As a response to COVID-19 we are expanding virtual services to all clients. Appraisals are a fee based service. We never purchase your items. Our Written Appraisals are objective and independent and can be used for Trust & Estate, Insurance, and Charitable Donation of personal property. Limited Appraisal is also available when personal knowledge is the main goal.

For a Virtual Appraisal we all need to work together. Here are the steps.

  • Contact us for a free initial consultation 
  • Video Conference is available
  • Hire us to perform your fee based appraisal
  • Fill in the Interactive Inventory Sheets
  • Photograph following our Guide
  • Upload Photographs & Inventory Sheets
  • We will take it from there

After we are hired to appraise your property, you will be provided clear instructions and useful tips for the best quality photography. You will also be sent Interactive Inventory Forms. High quality photographs are important, since the appraiser will not physically inspect the property. While clients may have already taken some photographs before contacting us, it is best to follow our photography guidelines for the photographs to be used in the appraisal.


The Appraisal Foundation, has recently issued new guidelines for Virtual Appraisal in response to COVID-19. While physical inspection is preferred it has never been a requirement of the Appraisal Foundation. What matters most is that your property is appraised in a credible way, regardless of whether the property was inspected in person or remotely.

Written Appraisals for Trust & Estate, Insurance, and Charitable Donation are written documents that will include your photographs in the report. They meet the Appraisal Standards published by the Appraisal Foundation. Written reports are used when third parties need to rely on them, such as your insurance company, trust officers, attorneys, or the IRS. 

Limited Appraisals are used when personal knowledge is the goal. Limited Appraisals meet the same Appraisal Standards, but are usually verbally communicated to the client. Limited Appraisals are often used to evaluate items for possible sale, or to decide when additional appraisal services are advisable for Trust & Estate, Insurance, or Charitable Donation.

For example a Limited Appraisal can be used to determine if a Charitable Donation is over the limit of $5000 that the IRS uses to determine if a Written Appraisal Report is required.

Virtual Appraisal is now being offered at our 2017 rates, in order to assist clients at this time.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a phone or email message, we will always get in touch with you.